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NeuroleapOne: Multi-sensory Educational & Medical Device

A portion of an earlier prototype 

Our company, Neuro Leap, is developing a multi-sensory & dynamic feedback solution that is both affordable and 50% more effective than the current tools in the market: 

Earlier Prototype

- Our solution helps schools satisfy their legal obligations to identify and educate students with disabilities. 

-60% of affected students have multiple disabilities, yet existing diagnosis and intervention addresses only one disability at a time.

-This creates an uber-costly situation that schools can't afford, and therefore cannot effectively help these students learn.


Our comprehensive 3-pronged solution (cloud-based AI/customizable computer system/sensor modules) enables the specialist to minimize risk.  The tool virtually eliminates misdiagnosis and maximizes learning through dynamic re-assessment & fine-tuned intervention.

Through successful clinical trials, NeuroleapOne (aka Win3 system) would be evidence-based and function across various discipline, e.g. special education, speech and language pathology, psychology, occupational therapy, etc.

Our system is adaptive and could be customized to fit each individual’s conditions, in particular, to overcome challenges associated with fine motor skills and essential language skills.

It is anticipated that NeuroleapOne will initially be adopted in 105,000 schools and later 225,000 healthcare institutions in the US.

Product details will be announced upon its final release. Currently, a small software portion of the WIN3 System, called SLP-Screener2: Comprehensive Language&Articulation is available for download on iTunes. See below link for more info.


Thank you all for the valuable feedback. We are working on a different but similar app, which is projected to be released in Q2 of 2018.

For details regarding our system and investment opportunity, please contact us at info@neuroleap.com

Make the Best Proven Tools on the Market, Even Better.

Why Now:

- New technology developments has made it economically feasible

- Recent tragic events have raised the public awareness of the consequences of ignoring psychological issues in youth and the financial cost on the society.


To serve specialists through innovative tools and proven methodologies, so that every child’s path to self-sufficiency and  independence is better supported and accelerated.

What Drives Us:

Helping overcome the individual inabilities to move, learn and communicate freely is our fundamental motivation

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